All 4 personalises VOD ads, Qantas launches homecoming campaign and ties-up with Apple Music

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All 4 personalises VOD ads to call out the names of viewers

Channel 4 has unveiled a new video on demand advertising package which will allow brands to directly address viewers.

The feature has been inspired by scientific studies that show “higher attention and neurological activity” in people who have just heard their own names.

Coke’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is perhaps the most famous point of comparison, although it is presented in a visual, rather than audio manner.

Currently around half of All 4’s 15 million registrants can be addressed by the feature and approximately 200 names have been recorded by the Channel 4 narrator.

Channel 4 has been aiming to develop a tool that would wow advertisers and audiences and offer a personalised ad experience, adding huge value to brands that they simply can’t get elsewhere.

The viewer data Channel Four holds gives brands a valuable opportunity, to not only target certain audience segments with bespoke creative, but now directly address individuals.

Care to protect viewers from anything that could be deemed by them to be intrusive is being taken, with all data handled by the company bound by Channel 4’s Viewer Promise.

Furthermore, viewers can opt out of visual or audio personalisation. The service will be closely policed and there will be a limit on the number of personalised messages coming through the service.

Qantas launches emotional new films to promote Australia to UK direct flights

Qantas has launched an emotional new campaign announcing its “groundbreaking” direct flights from Perth to London.

Two emotional films about homecomings will run in both Australia and the UK, telling the story of a Perth family reuniting with family in the UK, and a young Australian couple reuniting in Perth.

The campaign features Martha Marlow’s emotive version of the Randy Newman classic track ‘Feels like Home’. It launched online this week ahead of a TV launch on Sunday 30 April.

The campaign aims to generate awareness and ticket sales for the new flights, which start in March 2018.

Olivia Wirth, group executive for brand, marketing and corporate affairs at Qantas, said the campaign aims to tap into nostalgia for the “Kangaroo Route” from Australia to the UK.

“With this new series of Feels Like Home, we wanted to capture the memories and emotions that Australians associate with the Kangaroo Route, but also look ahead to a new era with our non-stop Perth-London flights.” tie-ups with Apple Music

Music video app has joined forces with Apple in an effort to extend global reach with Apple Music, providing the snippets of songs used to power the service from Friday.

Apple will gain a new marketing partner, but will end its relationship with UK provider 7digital. will be able to expand the territories it operates in from 30 to 120 in return for promoting Apple’s subscription services to its userbase, with Apple Music subscribers able to listen to full length tracks. rose to prominence last year as a form of social network popular with US teens and tweens, valuing the business, which has a userbase of 100m, at $500m.

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