About Us

Trendy. Sensible. Sexy. Bold. Immediate. Inspirational.

Everybody wants something different from their marketing. McConnells is a marketing agency that believes that a single approach can achieve all of these goals. Our solution? To deliver what works.

Every marketing strategy is tailored to specific objectives that will achieve tangible results. This approach has created award-winning campaigns and enhanced sales for a wide range of organisations. Check out our case studies: the only thing these marketing campaigns have in common is that they produced quantifiable results and a happy client.

That’s because McConnells marketing agency is built in the same way as a campaign. Every member of staff at McConnells is an expert in their field. Our designers have won countless awards for their creative concepts. Our online consultants have spearheaded website launches that remain at the top of Google rankings. Our media buyers have the ears of publishers and broadcasters from the biggest nationals to titles covering niche sectors. Our PR officers know what works because they are published journalists.

With specialists in both B2B and B2C at your disposal, we can target the right audience in a way that they’ll respond to. We take our extensive and proven knowledge and combine it with clear and creative thinking to give you a different service. And you’ll always have the reassurance that McConnells’ opinions are based on marketing know-how and experience.

The Facts

McConnells opened its doors in Derby in 1953. Independently owned and operated, we now have annual billings of more than £10 million.

Past and present clients include some of the biggest names in business, industry, leisure and retail – and we have an exceptional retention rate that is well above industry norm.  We’ve never set out to win awards – for us, helping the client to achieve the right result comes first and last – nonetheless, we’re proud to have won numerous industry accolades for our creative work and campaign results.

We have been a member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) since 1958, making McConnells one of the most senior agencies in the association.