Even the best sales force cannot locate every customer opportunity: time demands, resource constraints and knowledge gaps will mean that there is always one that gets away. But with affiliate marketing, you can expand your team and not have to worry about paying them until they’ve generated a sale.

A good online affiliate network will spread the message on your behalf, via vertical sector brands, special interest blogs or regional websites.

McConnells offers full advice, implementation and management to help you get the most from your affiliate marketing. Our online experts are used to working with all major affiliate networks – including Trade Doubler, Commission Junction, Web Gains and Affiliate Window – to locate sales partners who will secure opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise find.

We’ll go through the small print to make sure you and your affiliates are working together and not against each other. And once they’re onboard, we’ll deliver full creative and technical support to extend your brand reach across the Internet.

Affiliate Recruitment

We will advertise on all leading affiliate networks to find strong, sales-driven partners who will complement your existing channels and allow you to concentrate on core sales activities.

Affiliate Management

The devil’s in the details – so let us negotiate with your network to get the best deal on pricing, avoid conflicts of interest with your existing marketing strategy and deliver full analytics so you can check affiliate marketing is working for you.

Affiliate Ad Design

We will support all affiliate marketing partners with co-ordinated creative design and optimised web links to attract customers and drive traffic to your website.