There’s no easier way of communicating online than by sending tailored email marketing messages direct to a prospect’s inbox – but that’s why most people receive dozens of messages every day.

How do you ensure that your customer doesn’t hit the ‘delete’ button the moment it arrives? It takes careful planning, a solid understanding of customer psychology and the ability to deliver an impactful, attractive proposition within seconds – and McConnells can create email marketing campaigns that combine all of these qualities.

Send eye-catching e-shots or newsletters to support short-term promotions or as part of a regular communications campaign. We will update your database regularly to focus on those recipients who respond to your email marketing campaigns.

We can deliver optimised HTML design to boost site traffic via easily navigable calls to action to your website, Facebook page or Twitter account. Full e-shot coding ensures you can quantify results to measure campaign success.

Email Marketing Design

From a simple e-shot to a regular email newsletter, we can create bespoke HTML content tailored to your marketing activities.

Data Management

Ongoing database monitoring to remove duplicate addresses, react to bounce-backs and manage unsubscribe requests so that you can be sure email marketing is targeting only a responsive audience.


Measure the success of your email marketing campaign by checking when your e-shot has been read, forwarded or clicked-through to your website – and with full page and path tracking, you can also assess the quality of their visits.