It’s a common sight at every street corner, café or public transport – a person with their attention glued to their mobile phone. Not making a call, but reading information.

With the advent of Smartphones and apps, consumers and customers are literally carrying advertising space around with them – and we can help you to capitalise using tailored mobile marketing strategies.

At McConnells, we can exploit the latest mobile marketing technology to allow you to communicate directly with your target audience wherever they may be – whether that’s at an exhibition or conference, a shopping centre or just walking past your premises.

Put your marketing messages into people’s hands via text campaigns and mobile banner advertising, or use viral SMS promotions to encourage users to visit your website. For more bespoke solutions, target consumers when they are on your doorstep using bluecasting or location-based social media like Foursquare.

Text (SMS) advertising

Use SMS response on promotions or advertising to capture data, and target your database for personalised communication of offers, news or services.


Make your brand a trusted resource on customers’ iPhone or iPad with an app. We’ll handle content strategy, design and marketing to let users know it’s there.