Nowadays, news isn’t enough to get your brand noticed. The rise of blogs and Twitter has brought renewed respect to comment – and, ironically, the prevalence of 24-hour rolling news means that even traditional media outlets must rely increasingly on opinion pieces to differentiate themselves. Similarly, in a competitive market, customers respond to brands that make the extra effort to communicate.

With our article writing services at your disposal, we can help to position your brand as a source of authoritative thought leadership in your field. Stimulate debate with articles and features that reinforce your credibility, or demonstrate your experience by offering an informed take on topical stories.

Whether you favour objective viewpoints on industry trends, or provocative personal opinions that will cause a stir, we can tailor magazine article writing to suit your style, with content written in your name to achieve direct conversation with your customers. And we’ll do all of the media liaison with editors to take the hassle out of commissioning.

Why stop there? Use your website as a resource centre by uploading articles as blogs or white papers, and then use syndication services, RSS feeds and social media to promote your expertise online and drive web traffic back towards your brand.

Expert Voice Features

Become a thought leader in your field by providing the media with exclusive comment on industry trends, topical issues and best practice.


Syndicate article content to influential bloggers for increased visibility, or build upon your brand profile with a regular column or guest blogs in leading publications.

White Papers

Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with your peers. Offering in-depth insights into the projects and principles which have brought you success can enhance your reputation with customers new and old.