Think PR is just about ‘spin?’ It is also an essential part of brand management, invaluable in making friends and influencing people… not to mention winning business, increasing market share or capturing the public’s imagination.

Use our expertise in brand management to build a proactive, positive approach to publicity so that your target audience knows what you’re doing, when you’re doing it and your brand can benefit them.

We can help you to develop an excellent media relationship so that editors will come to you as the voice of your marketplace. Gain a reputation for spotting shifts in opinion before they happen, and set trends that others will react to.

PR should be part of your overall marketing mix. Whether you already have an in-house team or marketing agency, or need to take advantage of McConnells’ full service credentials, our PR experts will slot into place as part of an integrated brand management team.

And should anything adversely impact on your brand’s reputation, our comprehensive crisis management solutions are available to keep things positive.

Reputation Management

Don’t be shy to blow that trumpet. Celebrate key strengths and achievements to get your brand associated with qualities that are valued by customers, like innovation, ease of use or good service.

Integrated relations

A good PR plan works in tandem with other marketing activities; use PR to complement existing brand marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

Press Resource

Establish relationships with key journalists via briefing packs, factory visits, exclusive interviews and briefings so that they know who to speak to when they need expert industry comment.