Much as we’d like to think we’re untouchable, it isn’t all good news – and there’s nothing like a crisis to put a dent in your brand’s reputation. Fortunately, with a robust crisis management and disaster recovery plan in place, we can help protect that status to ensure brand and business continuity.

You can never tell where danger will strike – a product recall, a factory fire, a disgruntled employee – but we approach crisis management with a combination of fixed and flexible actions to set the media agenda and minimise disruption to your brand.

A strong and positive performance is the best way to maintain trust, so our crisis management service is geared towards fast, effective journalist liaison and clear, confident messages.

But good crisis management begins before anything has happened. We provide full consultancy on disaster recovery programmes, with best practice, media training and agreed protocols for action in the event of an emergency.

Learn how to react to rumours or smears online and in traditional media with calm, professional statements that combine fact with tact. And ensure that small sparks don’t ignite into a full-scale media storm by managing expectations with solid, honest responses.

Plan Ahead

Avoid panic with a good crisis management plan so that your employees know how to cope calmly, clearly and effectively.

Tackle Crises Quickly

You can’t ignore the negatives, so don’t be afraid to confront your critics. We can advise on the tactics for affirmative action and positive messages for speedy disaster recovery.

Media Training

Need help making a statement? We can prepare you for radio and TV statements for a confident, charismatic performance that maintains public trust in your brand.