We know that effective advertising is all about executing a well prepared plan. That’s why, at McConnells, we offer tailored strategies to advertise vacancies, using all the right and relevant media - from press, industry, radio and cinema ads, to ambient or outdoor advertising and direct mail, as well as texts, podcasts, webcasts and related aspect of social media.

We craft our copy, design branded templates and place your advert to replicate your business’s ethos, creating an impact and interest that will sell your organisation, as well as revealing your vacancy to the very people you want to reach.

We’d like to show you what we mean, so get in touch, and let us re-write one of your existing advertisements, free of charge, just so you can see exactly what we do, and how well we do it.

As members of the IPA, we have industry backing to ensure all your recruitment adverts are legal and can draw on industry reports and statistics should you require specific research for a particular vacancy, such as appropriate salary ranges and typical commute distances.

Recruitment Ad Copywriting

Ad creation is so much more than simply saying what the role is. At McConnells, we construct our recruitment ad copywriting in a way that not only talks your audience’s language, but works that little bit harder to promote your company’s brand.

Recruitment Ad Design

For a recruitment advert to shine, specialist creativity is essential. The talents of our creative design team mean your company can look forward to seeing freshly devised layout-concepts and design templates that dominate the recruitment section, be it on- or off-line.

Employer Branding

We believe that businesses should build on their brand as they expand their team. Professionally created, eye-catching and consistent designs will do more than send out your recruitment call. They’ll work to get your company noticed, talked about and remembered, as well as generating awareness of your vacancies, products and services.

Graduate Recruitment

Home in on new graduate potential using progressive methods. We know the latest approaches and techniques to operate truly effective graduate recruitment drives, combining advertising, recruitment fairs and graduate media, as well as innovative social media, VOD, podcast and creative guerrilla tactics.

Difficult Role Fulfillment

Use creativity and ingenuity to stimulate interest in difficult roles. Our creativity never falters, so we’re able to constantly develop new ways to promote and help fulfill challenging employment positions.


Recruitment Ad Placement

Technological advancements within the recruitment market evolve by the day, which can make it difficult for organisations to know where and how to place their recruitment ads. At McConnells, we make it our business to know exactly how it should be done, enabling us to deliver specific and effective results.