Technology, and the ways in which it can advance recruitment, is constantly evolving at a rapid pace.  At McConnells, we’re in the right environment to keep up, making us fully qualified to give you the best E-recruitment strategy and advice.

We know where your potential candidates are searching for their next career move, so let us help you find them. We’ll create the right online recruitment advertising to attract candidates from renowned jobsites, social media networks and specialist trade, industry and skill sector sites.

With smart technology on the increase, it’s vital all companies embarking on a recruitment drive embrace the digital age, not only to continue to attract the best quality candidates, but to keep ahead of the competition and ensure they remain, or become recognised as, an employer of choice.

Simply test our expertise, and place your E-recruitment requirements in our capable hands.

Online Services

Opportunities for increased web exposure are expanding all the time.  We’ll help get your position and company at the forefront of the web, by using a combination of dynamic e-mails, blogs, podcasts and website banners.

Careers Section

Having a well-placed and easily navigable careers section on your company’s website is paramount.  Not only will it identify your vacancies locally, nationwide or even globally, but it will instantly identify the importance you place on your recruitment process and the value of your employees, as well as your commitment to finding the right people for your business.

Facebook Advertising

Already huge and constantly growing, Facebook creates an essential audience to tap into. By achieving high numbers of likes and regularly updating your page, your posts can be shared with an even larger audience, which may even result in a lower cost per hire.

LinkedIn Advertising

The leading professional online business network has developed an extensive audience reach for recruitment. Let us help you to correctly and effectively manage LinkedIn so it can become an integral and invaluable part of your recruitment strategy.