At McConnells, we believe that ‘you can only give out what you put in’ to a business, so we endeavour to equip organisations with literature and IT systems that work to enhance a company’s internal communications, while also improving its industry reputation.

Use our expertise to totally transform the image of your business communications, both internally and externally, and by doing so create a purposeful range of literature or IT format that will speak volumes about your firm.

We can produce warm, engaging induction and application packs, as well as original posters, leaflets and newsletters.

Let us help you with your company’s signage too, and use creative techniques to recognise, support and develop your existing staff, while informing them of training opportunities, rewards, staff benefits, discounts and health plans.

Our e-mail, Intranet and print knowledge also allows us to enhance or create a range of internal IT systems for your business that will help you to unify your brand, while delivering your internal message.

Application Packs

Recruit for your position while working to enhance your brand. We can design, implement and even distribute candidate-friendly application packs for both online and offline completion.

We can devise campaigns that feature heavily within highly targeted social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Job Search – and while we’re at it, we’ll increase your Facebook following and top-up your tweets if you want us to.

Brochures, Guides and Policies

Let your organisation’s literature set the tone. From your corporate brochure to company guides and policies, we can develop a suite of creatively designed materials that will send the right message to potential candidates, new recruits and existing staff, as well as to your clients and competition.

Posters, Leaflets and Newsletters

From planning and copywriting to design and print, we can work together to create posters, leaflets and newsletters that will keep employees feeling informed, included and part of something bigger.

E-mail and Intranet

Give your email templates additional presence and allow them to communicate more, or task us to create a company Intranet structure that will notify and captivate your entire team.


Give your print budget the extra benefit of our sizeable presence and industry contacts.  At McConnells we have the expertise to source the best printer for your job, before passing on our negotiated discounts.