When it comes to booking your advert, our strong negotiation skills mean that you will pay no more than you have to for your media.

We’ll secure volume contracts on the publications and websites you use most frequently and keep you informed about any late space deals. Furthermore, we ensure that you’re the one to benefit from any negotiated discounts as part of our commitment to an honest relationship.

Media Evaluation

We’ve the experience and resource to be able to effectively evaluate all media options, enabling us to best place your recruitment advertisement, no matter what your position’s level, industry or geographical location.

Media Negotiation

Combine a strong sense of creativity with over 15 years’ of recruitment advertising experience and the result is the most strategically placed media advertisements, negotiated and booked at the very best rates, which are, incidentally, always passed directly on to you.  

Copy Confirmation

Everyone likes it when things go according to plan, so we ensure you always receive copy confirmation that your ad has appeared in the press or online, exactly as it was approved.

Analysis and Assessment

Our work doesn’t stop the moment an ad is placed. At McConnells we choose to follow-up advert responses, with ongoing analysis and assessment to further our knowledge, improve our performance and allow us to maximise our value to you.

Research and Awareness

We know we are experts in our own industry, but we also understand the value of making ourselves specialists in yours. By researching and being aware of the recruitment challenges within our client’s industries, we perform with more relevance, making us a better resource for the clients we serve.