Choose a professional to co-ordinate your recruitment selection process, whatever its specific needs. Our experienced team can come into its own when your organisation requires assistance in dealing with job advertisement response handling.

We can receive applications that result from your advertising on your organisation’s behalf, and even advertise positions anonymously using our own branding if circumstances make it appropriate.

We’ll set up dedicated response phone lines and distribute application packs, before screening applicants and knowledgably managing the candidate sifting process. We’ll even arrange and conduct interviews, if it helps to relieve the pressure at your end.


Equip us with your applicant specification, and we’ll get to work on screening and shortlisting appropriate candidates for the post.

Confidential Reply

If your organisation feels that, at any point and for any reason, it would be better to advertise positions confidentially, we can provide recruitment anonymity, by running and offering response services for a ‘blind’ ad, using our own, ‘McConnells Recruitment Advertising’ branding.