Marketing  Strategy
A successful marketing strategy means different things to different people. For some, it’s a matter of achieving impact via snazzy design and attention-grabbing advertising campaigns. For others, it might involve the slow, steady drip-feed of news via public relations. Some companies want to make a splash in the online world; others prefer to build a presence in traditional media.

That’s why McConnells prides itself on being able to offer any – or all – of the above. As a full service marketing agency, we are specialists across the spectrum of marketing disciplines, and boast a broad range of in-house skills that can be applied across any industry to deliver excellent results.

With comprehensive in-house expertise that includes dedicated design, online, media and PR divisions, we are uniquely positioned to offer an unbiased marketing strategy and tactical recommendations that are not swayed by our own strengths or limitations.

Consistent Standards

McConnells’ successful history is founded upon providing expert services that get results – irrespective of industry or company size.


At McConnells, we don’t suggest tactics because they’re fashionable or because they’re the easiest option – if our marketing strategy doesn’t add value to your bottom line, then there’s no reason to do it.

Tailored Media Mix

No two campaigns are alike. We build your marketing strategy to suit budget and business objectives, and we deliver on both – that’s why clients not only come to us, but stay with us.