Channel 4 denies ad breaks for Bake-Off are record length, Wickes promotes sun safety to trade customers with paint pot giveaway, and Royal Mail unveils classic British toys stamp series

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Channel 4’s 17-minute ad breaks for Bake Off is not a record

Bake-Off host station Channel 4 has denied reports that advertisement breaks for the hotly anticipated programme will be a record length.

The baking contest show, which makes its debut on 29 August after Channel 4 bought it from the BBC last year, will have four breaks lasting a total of 16 minutes and 42 seconds. This will include ads as well as Channel 4’s own promos, which are not counted by Ofcom as advertising. Bake Off episodes will also now be 75 minutes long.

One of the show’s presenters Prue Leith, who has replaced Mary Berry to star opposite Paul Hollywood, this week advised viewers to record the show and fast-forward through the ads, the Telegraph reported.

However, a Channel 4 spokeswoman said the number of ads in Bake Off would not be a record and said the “exact same ad pattern” was used during an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale in May, and that Channel 4 is a commercially funded, public service broadcaster which puts its profits into programmes. Advertising allows Channel 4 to invest in high quality British productions like the Great British Bake Off and keep them free to air for viewers.

Wickes encourages trade customers to slip, slap, slop by offering sun cream in a paint pot

Trade supply retailer Wickes will this weekend, be making a new line of creatively (and appropriately) packaged sun cream available free-of-charge in store, as part of an awareness drive to protect tradespeople from the dangers of the sun expose when working.

Melanoma can be prevalent for workers in the construction industry, owing to the long periods many tradespeople spend outdoors. Wickes has cited findings that there has been a 119% rise in melanoma skin cancer incidence rates since the early 90s.

These findings have helped prompt the brand to raise awareness of sun cream application within its highly relevant customer base, and make accessing protective products easy and convenient.

The suncreams, available in Brickie’s Bronze, Plasterers Pink or Apprentice White, will be handed out free, this weekend.

Royal Mail unveils new classic British toys stamp series

Royal Mail has unveiled its latest stamp collection, featuring 10 of the most famous toys created in Britain from the last 100 years, including Space Hopper and Spirograph.

The presentation pack will be available from Royal Mail’s website and Post Offices across the UK.

The packs include a mini essay that tells the hidden design stories of the toys, such as the fact that the Merrythought Bear has been handmade in the same sleepy village of Ironbridge in Shropshire since the 1930s, and Fuzzy-Felt started out as the material used in the production of tank gaskets during the Second World War, with the small offcuts being given to the factory workers’ children to play with.

Model construction toy Meccano, and electric train set Hornby Dublo also feature as part of the stamp designs.

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