Dads play Barbie, Asda opens party data to brands, and Facebook trials Stories service…

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…a look at what’s been happening in the marketing industry news this week…

Mattel’s ‘You Can Be Anything’ creative celebrates #DadsWhoPlayBarbie

Toy giant Mattel has assigned its infamous Barbie doll brand with encouraging men to take time to play, and create ideas for positive future opportunities with their daughters.

Using a 90-second video where six dads and their daughters play out various career-based scenarios, including doctor, teacher and astronaut, the ‘You Can Be Anything’ campaign suggests, as the name implies, that girls can imagine they’re anything when they grow up.

Nontraditional messaging has paid off for the Barbie brand recently. In October, Mattel said revenue for Q3 2016 was up overall – and that was reportedly thanks in part to Barbie sales, which increased nearly 16% following the release of three new body types and seven skin tones.

This was after the brand fell into a bit of a slump and had to reinvent itself to regain relevance, as Mattel President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Dickson said at Adobe Summit last year.

This reinvention also included a video, Imagine the Possibilities, which went on to generate nearly 25 million views on YouTube alone.

According to a Mattel rep, the spot was also named one of YouTube’s Ads of the Year in 2015 and won a silver Cannes Lion.

Asda opens up first party data to brands in UK

UK brands will now be able to harness Asda’s shopper data when targeting the retailer’s customer base, and when advertising through its main grocery sites.

Asda will now give advertisers such as Lucozade and FMCG-giant P&G, access to its first party data, after porting over parent company Walmart’s Exchange (WMX) platform from the US.

Bringing a version of this offering to the UK for Asda’s suppliers has been a much-anticipated move, however Asda has stressed that it’s not simply handing over customer data, but targeting customer groups that it believes may be interested in certain products.

The platform is pitched as a way to better target Asda’s online ads using its own shopper data, including buyer-habit data, key search term usage and browsing habits.

Facebook trials Snapchat-style Stories service

Facebook is trialling its version of a stories service at the top of its news feed, similar to that used by Snapchat.

Featured at the top of its news feed, Facebook Stories is an exact replica of the Stories product launched by Facebook’s sister company Instagram in August last year. This version lets users share a chronological slideshow of videos and pictures with their friends.

The streams disappear after 24-hours and users can reply directly to someone’s story using a private message.

The social network is initially trialling Facebook Stories in Ireland, but in a statement the firm said the new format will be rolled out in more countries in the coming months.

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