Kelly’s of Cornwall gives Cornish dialect lesson, big brands support older worker initiative, and Sweden lists entire country on Airbnb

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…a pick from some of the stories that have featured in the marketing press this week…

Kelly’s of Cornwall gives lesson in Cornish dialect, with Dawn French fronting campaign

Ice-cream maker Kelly’s of Cornwall is giving viewers a lesson in Cornish with its latest ad campaign through a series of four 20-second films, each teaching viewers colloquialisms from the Cornish coast.

The ‘School of Cornish’ drive, devised to promote Kelly’s parlour range of take-home ice-creams, showcases some of the area’s most picturesque landscapes and is narrated by county resident Dawn French.

Each ad focuses on a different flavour in the range, and gives viewers a lesson in the native tongue, revealing that ‘spenys’ means ‘knackered’, ‘tynn’ translates as ‘painful’ and more.

“Using the Cornish language gave us remarkable cut through with our consumers so it made sense for us to build on this and continue to celebrate Cornish culture,” explained Charlotte Hambling, UK head of marketing at Kelly’s.

Big brands including Aviva, Barclays, Boots and Co-op choose to support older worker initiative

A new initiative geared toward encouraging British businesses to employ more people aged 50 and above has won the support of big brands including Aviva, Barclays, Boots and the Co-op.

In a joint announcement, the firms have stated that they are committed to doing more to increase the proportion of their total workforce drawn from this older demographic by 12% by 2022.

The organisations will also publish regular updates, enabling the public to gauge how well they are progressing toward these goals.

Factors effecting the employment market include the growing skills gap in the economy, forecasts that 14.5m people are expected to retire over the decade from 2012 – replenished by just 7m new workers, and the reduction of foreign employees working in the UK once we leave the European Union.

Andy Briggs, head of Aviva’s UK arm, said: “Businesses will not be able to get the skills, resources and capabilities they need to continue to develop their business unless they find a solution. One of the solutions will be to create an environment where older people can work for longer.”

Briggs, who also serves as a government-backed business champion for older workers, believes that if the target is embraced then the number of older workers could rise from 9m to over ten million over the period.

At present some 19% of Aviva’s 16,000 UK employees are aged 50 and over, slightly ahead of Barclays where the comparative figure is 17% though significantly behind the Co-op Group which has achieved a 28% share.

Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb

Celebrating the nation’s “freedom to roam”, Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb, creating a campaign based on the principle, protected by law, that allows people the right to be free in Sweden’s vast, natural beauty.

The unique travel opportunity follows the familiar Airbnb format, but it is unlike the typical booking process, as, due to the law, the land is publicly owned and entirely free and accessible to all.

“This is made possible thanks to a Swedish right guaranteed by the constitution,” said Jenny Kaiser, USA country manager at Visit Sweden. “This right enables the Swedish people to experience nature and enjoy the beautiful Swedish wildlife. In Sweden we have everything from high mountains to deep forests, from beautiful archipelagos to quiet meadows. Now, together with Airbnb, we welcome everyone to come to Sweden and, through freedom to roam, share our wonderful nature.”

“This partnership is a first of its kind collaboration between a tourism board and Airbnb,” added James McClure, general manager Northern Europe at Airbnb.

The Airbnb listings range from a southern forest to a northern cliff in The High Coast overlooking the sea. Though the focus is on the natural beauty of the areas, at the bottom of each listing there are opportunities to rent properties in Sweden, in the more classic Airbnb style.

Past creative Airbnb concepts have included nights in castles, tree houses, Abbey Road Studios in London and, last March, inside tiny “wall homes” in Germany.

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