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Old Spice TV campaign ‘invades’ Bounce space

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Old Spice TV campaign ‘invades’ Bounce space

After the last set of TV ads went viral, Procter and Gamble is once again being creative with its Old Spice marketing strategy.

The men’s body care range is being cross-branded with Bounce, another product in the P&G stable, in the newest ad in the “power” campaign featuring former NFL player Terry Crews.

In the ad, which has aired on US screens, Crews bursts into an ad for Bounce saying: “Old Spice body spray makes you smell of power! It’s so powerful, it sells itself in other people’s commercials.”

The tie-in with another P&G product is a new departure for Old Spice, though the extent of the cross-branding appears limited to just the TV ad and does not signal a radically new approach for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturer.

Rival FMCG firm Reckitt-Benckiser has taken the cross-branding trend a stage further with the launch of a major promotion across its entire range of brands, which include Clearasil and Dettol.

The Britain’s Greatest campaign highlights its key products across the various brands and incorporates TV, press, radio and online activity.

Microsoft has also utilised a cross-branded approach in an attempt to stand out from the competition with a campaign last year that drew Windows, Windows Phone, Kinect for Xbox and Office together into a single TV ad.

“We have a wide portfolio of brands. I think bringing them together for this campaign differentiates us,” Paul Davies, Microsoft’s director of marketing communications, told Marketing.

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