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Nike unveils Paula Radcliffe ad campaign

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Nike unveils Paula Radcliffe ad campaign

Nike has found a way to get around tight Olympic marketing restrictions with a new advertising campaign featuring Paula Radcliffe.

The marathon runner pulled out of the Games before the race, meaning she is no longer bound by IOC guidelines that prevent competitors from promoting brands that are not official sponsors.

Had Radcliffe not suffered an injury, Nike would not have been able to use her image or name in its latest campaign.

Adidas is the official Olympic sponsor and Nike has been trying to find ways to outdo its main rival in terms of marketing during the London 2012 Olympics.

It recently launched a campaign starring athletes from towns called London around the globe in a move to play on the Olympics.

Nike might consider running more adverts with British athletes if the opportunity arises throughout the Games, according to Marketing Week.

A spokesman for the company told the publication that future activity “would depend on the situation”.

Radcliffe also took part in marketing event at Nike Town in London to promote the launch of Priority Sports, a partnership between Nike and O2 to create the world’s biggest clubhouse.

The tie-up will offer O2 customers opportunities for exclusive access to sports events, videos, products and apps.

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