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Cryptic Tube posters challenge commuters to ‘Look for Longer’

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Cryptic Tube posters challenge commuters to ‘Look for Longer’

A ‘cryptic’ poster campaign on the London Underground calling on commuters to ‘Look for Longer’ has been showcasing the power of outdoor advertising.

Through a poster containing a selection of visual clues to 75 different Tube stations, the activity has been highlighting the scope for using outdoor ads to engage with consumers.

Central to the activity was the incorporation of Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi network at stations to show how mobile marketing can be integrated into an outdoor campaign.

For the next four weeks, large posters encouraging people to guess the stations from the clues will appear at over 30 Tube stations across London.

Commuters are directed to a microsite where they will be able to submit answers for the chance to win a selection of prizes, while they can also ask for help using the Twitter hashtag  #lookforlonger.

CBS Outdoor is behind the campaign designed to generate “curiosity, intrigue and interaction”.

Marketing director Simon Harrington says: “The three minute dwell time on platforms, coupled with Wi-Fi connectivity not only provides the perfect environment for advertisers to reach a highly responsive audience, but it also offers extended engagement.”

He defines extended engagement as the audience being able to do something as a result of seeing the posters, whether by playing the guessing game or by sharing via social media.

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