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Pampers adopts user-generated content to promote Love, Sleep and Play

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Pampers adopts user-generated content to promote Love, Sleep and Play

Procter & Gamble is using material uploaded by Internet users to launch its first campaign for Pampers in a decade.

The Pampers Love, Sleep and Play campaign is based on 15 YouTube clips selected from a pool of thousands, all edited to create a stream of ‘real’ moments that families will recognise and relate to.

All user-generated clips were uploaded by parents and were chosen to capture ‘genuine sentiment and emotion’.

The baby product brand hopes to reinforce its value that raising a baby can take many forms as long as every baby has ‘love, sleep and play’.

“There are a million ways to raise a baby and fundamentally parents know what’s best for their child. And Pampers is here to offer a little help every step of the way,” explained Mathilde Delhoume, global integrated communications director for the Pampers brand.

“Because babies are the focus of everything Pampers does, what better way to launch our Love, Sleep & Play campaign than by showcasing real babies? ”

The campaign launches in Europe this month.

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