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Google rolls out Similar Audiences for search and shopping campaigns in AdWords

Google has announced that it will be rolling out Similar Audiences for Search and Shopping campaigns in AdWords. This targeting tool gives advertisers the ability to attract customers based on searches they’ve made as previous site visitors. Say you were marketing a hotel on the coast in Spain and wanted to target summer travelers: The people in your “recent converters” list might be searching for things like ‘flights to Costa Brava’ and ‘scuba classes’. Powered by Google’s machine learning, Similar Audiences would use these searches to help find people who are looking for the same things as your existing customers.

New – Google Video Skip

Google is reportedly testing a new feature in its search results, designed at helping users skip video introductions and get straight to the answer, no matter where in the video this information might appear.

Named “suggested clip”, the new feature provides an embedded video in the search results that jumps straight to the part of the video pertinent to the search term. It is possible to trigger these suggested clip results for how-to queries.

Voice Recognition for The Whole Family with Google Home

You may or may not have seen that Google’s personal assistant Google Home is now available in the UK, and that as of the 20th April, Google has also launched multi-user support for this personal assistant device. The Google assistant can recognise and distinguish the voices of up to six users, and provide personalised content and results for each of them.

Style Ideas Come to Google Image Search

Our final Google update is that the web search engine has rolled out two new features to its ‘image search’ tool earlier this month – “style ideas” and “similar items”. “Similar items”, which launched first, shows images that have a similar style or item to the images being viewed. “Style ideas” provides other image suggestions based on various image searches.

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