Tyrrells launches debut TV ads and pop star James offers ‘Blunt’ critique of Tinder profiles

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A quick look at a couple of stories picked from the world of marketing and media this week…

Tyrrells breaks into TV advertising with new ‘absurd what we do’ tagged campaign

Crisp brand Tyrrells has launched its first TV advertising campaign this week supported by a social media element, using a pair of ads that have a Monty Python flavour to them.

Two 20-seconds ads will air from 11 September and run until the end of November, introducing a new tagline: “It’s absurd what we do before Tyrrells get to you”.

The first ad, “Very important potatoes” will feature on television, while another called “Fabulously curly” will be launched on social media.

The ads play on the “absurd” lengths that the Herefordshire-based crisp maker will go to in order to make their crisps taste so delicious.

The ads animations have similarities to those used on Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and brings to life the distinctive black and white characters from the crisp brand’s packaging. The ads feature a voiceover by actor and impressionist Peter Serafinowicz, who appears in the movies The Tick, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Shaun of the Dead.

Adam Draper, marketing director at Tyrrells, said: “As our first ever TV ad, we wanted to bring to life the quirky and irreverent nature of the Tyrrells brand but also explain why our crisps taste so absurdly good.”

Tinder matches with pop star James to offer ‘Blunt’ critique of user profiles

Musician James Blunt, the artist who wrote the highly popular 2004 hit, ‘You’re Beautiful’ has been picked to lead Tinder’s latest campaign, by featuring as the front man to offer very ‘Blunt’ critiques of user profiles.

In the two-and-a-half-minute video, we see the musician temporarily appointed as ‘chief blunt officer’, offering words of wisdom on how Tinder users should conduct themselves on the dating app.

During Blunt’s 24 hours in the brutal role, he criticises uploaded photos and people who are supposedly “not looking to hook up”.

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