Choosing the right advertising agency is a vital part of any business or company's marketing strategy, but it’s amazing how lightly many take the decision process. It’s easy to go online, Google “marketing agency” or "advertising agency", look at the first half a dozen options that come up and shortlist the best two or three. But speed browsing is like speed dating. You’ll only get a superficial skim of an agency’s qualities, and all you’ll remember are your first impressions. That agency was too quirky. They were too sensible. Too much jargon. Not enough substance.

How do you separate the good from the bad? At McConnells, we don’t take our expertise for granted. As a member of the Institute of Practitioners of Advertising (IPA), we are committed to a code of good practice and we are audited to confirm our eligibility. On this page, we republish the IPA’s 10 reasons why clients should only employ an IPA agency.

We are also on the peer-approved Recommended Agency Register (RAR) and the Exor Certified Supplier Programme.

You can learn more about our specific working methods on our About page, but there’s no better substitute than a conversation. At McConnells, we would always recommend that you speak to us directly, to find out if we’re right for each other.

So please call us on 01332 222900.


  • Market leaders
    IPA agencies are proven leaders in their fields of expertise and are responsible for over 85% of all UK advertising spend.
  • ISBA recommended
    ISBA, the voice of British advertisers, recommends IPA agencies and a significant proportion of the COI’s agencies are also in IPA membership.
  • Professional competence
    IPA agencies must demonstrate high levels of professional competence in the eyes of their peers, clients and suppliers in order to be elected into membership.
  • Professional development
    IPA agencies are committed to the development of outstanding staff talent through examined qualifications, craft skills training courses and the Continuous Professional Development standard.
  • Financial stability
    To become a member of the IPA, agencies must demonstrate financial stability and be clear of any insolvencies or other voluntary financial arrangements.
  • Standards
    It is mandatory for IPA agencies to uphold the industry’s legal, regulatory and ethical standards, including the IPA Rule Book and the EACA Code of Ethics.
  • Best practice
    The IPA champions best practice guidelines on topics such as Finding an Agency, The Client Brief, Evaluation, Agency Remuneration, Judging Creative Ideas and Communication Strategy.
  • Providing effectiveness
    IPA agencies and their clients continue to outshine the competition at the annual IPA Effectiveness Awards, the world’s most rigorous effectiveness competition, where entrants have to demonstrate the payback on marketing investment.
  • Legal checks
    IPA agencies can rely on receiving expert legal advice to ensure their work is legally and regulatory compliant, as well as guidance on client and supplier contracts.
  • Information and intelligence
    IPA agencies have access to news, data, statistics and research, as well as over 1,400 IPA Effectiveness Awards case studies, all of which can be deployed for the benefit of their clients.

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