Campaign Advertising Case Study

Within the last 12 months, the focus for our large northern City Council client has been on campaigns relating to COVID-19.

The campaigns have varied from Track and Trace, issuing guidance on the tier systems, returning to retail, vaccine hesitancy, vaccine uptake, as well as related campaigns such as domestic abuse, child neglect and mental health.

This particular client has had one of the highest rates of infections across the country, so the correct media tactics and the speed of implementing campaigns has been critical.

We were mindful of the need to be very responsive given the need to adapt messaging throughout the duration of a live campaign with the Government making daily announcements and introducing new rules within a short timeframe.

Using schedule optimisation software, we were able to determine the optimum mix of tactics and budget apportionments.

In certain instances, client had been advised against some ideas they’d had as it would have impacted their share of voice, causing them low reach and ultimately poor performance.

This campaign utilised Facebook/Instagram, Radio, Advans, Buses, Local Press Websites and Targeted Mobile Display.

The Agency have worked closely with local press titles which served the local community and enabled us to secure very preferential rates given the nature of the campaign, as well as extensive FOC editorial coverage.

In digital media, we recommended the most responsive formats to maximise traffic to client’s bespoke landing page.

As hotspots were identified by the client during the campaign in different parts of the city, our strategy involved in response, with greater emphasis in these geographical areas as well as the introduction of immediate additional media such as Advans.

Agency appraised all suitable media candidates, seeking to maximise reach and frequency relative to the budget available.

We sort to be as innovative as possible and served banner content direct to peoples’ mobiles given the importance of mobile phones in everyday life, enabling us to communicate directly with key audiences that have been identified.

The saving made across the year via the Agency has been over 62%.

At the end of each month, the Agency was required to provide the Council with a detailed post campaign report and analysis. This includes reach figures of that month’s activity, along with the budgets spent and if necessary, this includes reach figures for that month’s activity, along with costs and breakdown of web traffic. Additionally, the Agency also had to quantify for client the budgetary saving throughout media buying.

Several pieces of research for the post campaign analysis were undertaken and shown that 97% of residents were effectively exposed to the messaging, with 81% having unprompted recall.

Client reported very high levels of web traffic which exceeded all expectations and data from public health bodies reported 92% had come forward for vaccination.

In the period April 2020 to March 2021, there was a cumulative saving of some £125,000.