Some of our industry’s news stories that have made headlines this week…


Captain Birds Eye’s shoes filled by younger Italian model

Captain Birds Eye has become hunkier as the familiar Santa of the waves has been upgraded from jolly seafarer, to silver fox of the oceans.

Riccardo Acerbi, an Italian model, is the new face of the frozen food brand and will, as part of a £8m re-positioning campaign, help to market the brand as one that is all about simple yet authentic fish products.

In a new TV ad, the Captain is seen staring out into the ocean’s distance, before he playfully jumps into the sea, and enjoys a meal of fish fingers on board with his grandchildren.

The film will lead Birds Eye’s ‘Real Food, Simply Made’ campaign, which will total a media spend of £8m across TV, online video and social platforms. The brand’s packaging will also be updated to “clearly highlight that our fish is real food, simply made” from April 2018, according to Steve Challouma, marketing director at Birds Eye.

“The new campaign is an exciting change in direction for the brand, and aims to reinforce us as a trusted, credible brand providing quality food,” he added. “Our Captain has always been a trusted brand icon, with a passion for fun and maritime adventure.

“The change in this new campaign aims to make him more relevant to consumers, focused on the simplicity and authenticity of food, whilst retaining his trademark adventurous spirit.”

Innocent Drinks trials digital out-of-home buying method to target audiences using geo-location

UK smoothie maker and super juice brand, Innocent Drinks will be using automated trading desk technology as part of a campaign that will light up DOOH screens in cities including Manchester, London and Birmingham, to effectively target audiences.

The campaign will be driven using anonymised audience data to inform the optimum times creative should be displayed on-screen, with each unit provided with a unique schedule by day and hour.

The screens will also tailor messaging by city and even specific locations in some instances.

Arran Javed, head of out-of-home trading at MediaCom, said: “With this [technology] we are heading toward being able to deliver attribution and insights based on highly-targeted data, and this data-led buying leads to more data points we can learn from to inform future campaigns, ensuring we are able to reach the relevant person at the right time. Our new desk will mean it’s now more about people than panels.”