Introducing Augmented Reality to the extractives industry

With plans to develop the role Augmented Reality (AR) plays within its business, commercial explosives and blasting specialist EPC-UK sought the ‘stand attraction’ expertise of McConnells to publicise the use of tech, capable of safely bringing the real and digital world together in the training environment.


  • Publicise EPC-UK’s AR quarry operation courses
  • Design and launch PR awareness campaign
  • Develop and build an immersive AR experience

– Quarry blast 4K footage filming and editing
– 4D touch, visuals, sound and physical immersion experience
– AR app to trigger the 4D experience
– Full Hillhead media support and event publicity
– Stand visitor data capture


Superimposed, layered computer-generated images (CGI) and data, succeeded in integrating AR within EPC-UKs hazardous learning programmes.

The ‘attraction’ buzz stopped visitors in their tracks and drew them over to the stand. The success has been such, that EPC-UK now showcases the AR blast experience kit at other conferences and events.

Industry awareness of EPC-UK’s AR use within training programme has grown significantly. New learners have been effectively targeted, staff knowledge has improved, new and additional training courses have been devised and launched.