Our studio has benefitted from the creative talents of Graphic and Website Designer Sarah de Roeck for 16 years now.

With her natural artistic flair, Sarah can devise and fulfil a concept to match any creative brief. She studied at Loughborough University School of Art and Design back in the 90s and always enjoyed Design and Technology at School. If she’s not working on a client’s rebrand or creating a new website at McConnells, you’ll be likely to find her at home in her garden, growing her own veg and planting up borders. If she could live anywhere in the world, (apart from South Derbyshire) it would probably be in North Devon, but we’re really glad she’s here.

Sarah’s fact file:

Favourite part of your job:
Seeing a creative concept I’ve designed take shape on the page or screen.

Hidden talents:
I can play the ukulele (and the cello).

Best celebrity sighting:
I spotted Brigitte Nielsen in a street in Dublin wearing a purple velour tracksuit.

Best chocolate available in a newsagent:
A dark chocolate bounty.

Derbyshire must see:
Calke Abbey.

If you weren’t working in design, you’d be… 
Working in horticulture.

Tune most likely to get you up onto a wedding dance floor?
Africa by Toto.

Best colour for a cup of tea:
David Dickinson’s tan.

Recommend a read:
Till the Cows Come Home by Sara Cox. A really funny memoir set in the 80s and 90s (Sarah’s Juke Box Jam singing capabilities recently won her the star prize – a limited edition mug – on Sara Cox’s Drive Time show).

Three things you’d take on a desert island:
A wind up radio, my cat and a pillow.

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