What is Pay Per Click Marketing? Or PPC?

Pay per click marketing or advertising (PPC) is the method of strategically enhancing search engine presence through paid-search listings. The pay per click model operates around an ongoing bidding system whereby advertisers select certain keywords or phrases that their target audience are likely to use. At its most uncomplicated level, the advertiser that makes the highest bid for a key search term will appear highest in search engine results pages. In reality, the concept is more complex, with Quality Score, click-path synergy, and conversion analysis all representing key considerations that should be addressed in the setup and management of PPC campaigns.

Pay per click advertising has continued to increase in popularity. This upsurge can be directly attributed to the need for accountability and control in the modern media environment, and reflects the value of the active ‘hunting’ audience that search engines attract. In the current economic climate, paid listings have become yet more important to businesses, with increasing numbers focusing online budget purely on PPC, a trend which exposes the heightened demand for flexibility, measurability, and immediacy.

An in-depth audit of the paid-search arena will reveal the level of saturation for specific industries and keywords, as well as the demand and likely click budget required to ensure a concerted paid-search presence. A carefully designed paid search campaign should consider click strategy – whether this involves aggressive brand-bidding, long-tail bidding for niche marketing, or generic broad match bid policies. Any search strategy must synergise with organic search engine presence, ensuring SEO efforts are not cannibalised by PPC.

The heightened interest surrounding search marketing has seen a proliferation of ‘DIY’ paid search campaigns, leading to an abundance of poorly executed PPC campaigns that sacrifice targeting capabilities and waste valuable click budget. This crowding of the paid search arena has placed a greater emphasis on the need for professionally administered paid search solutions that cut through the clutter and offer refined targeting and synergy with other online tactics deployed.

The Solution

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