Senior PR Manager Louise Carlin has been part of the McConnells’ team for over four years.

Her industry expertise, sharp management skills and dry sense of humour combine to make her a great account manager and fantastic colleague. Lou’s office sits alongside our creative studio, enabling the departments to combine forces in devising comprehensive marketing campaigns.

She studied English Literature at Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln and always fancied working as an archaeologist. If she were to be able to step back in time, top of her travel bucket list would be Ancient Egypt.

Lou’s fact file:

Favourite part of your job
Achieving PR column inches in press and online, and enjoying the company and working partnerships of her colleagues.

Best form of public transport
A ferry.

Favourite holiday destination
Definitely Spain, with Seville as the best city break location.

Tallest building you’ve been to the top of
The Empire State Building.

Potato crisps or corn snack (if so which)
Corn snack. Beef Space Raiders (although Tomato Snaps is a close second).

Three great things to do in Derby
A walk round Darley Park, a meal at Lorentes, a trip to Derby Museum.

Tune most likely to get you up onto a wedding dance floor?
Laid by James.

Favourite childhood Saturday night TV show
Night Rider.

If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you like with you for company
Guy Martin.

What would be your super-hero special power
The ability to mind read.

What were the last 3 songs on your MP3 playlist
Fool’s Gold – Stone Roses
Express yourself – NWA
Love is a battlefield – Pat Benatar

If you’d like to talk about your current PR activity or discuss options for a new campaign, contact Lou either by calling 01332 222900 or emailing

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