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RAF Benevolent Fund releases emotional animation

Remembering the brave servicemen and women who have served the UK, The Royal Air Force (RAF) Benevolent Fund has released an animation intended to demonstrate its significant history and tell the story of the RAF’s past and present together.

The fund, which was established at the end of the First World War invests in assisting those currently serving the force and its veterans with welfare support.

In this animation, the RAF demonstrates its significant history through a story of the RAF’s past and present woven together. It opens with a heroic veteran in a moment of reflection as he gazes upon an old photograph, which incites a memory of his terrifying days of service during the Second World War. The animation illustrates those bygone years as the veteran sweeps across epic landscapes in a spitfire.

The story merges into the present, and the animation then follows today’s active servicemen and women of the RAF regiment fighting in combat abroad. Covering the RAF’s history – past and present – the story brings home the vital place it has in protecting the UK, and the sacrifice its members have made.

Watch the animation by clicking here.

Programmatic ‘boom’ and 5G boost could see global mobile ad spend overtake TV

According to Warc’s latest Global Ad Trends report, global mobile ad spend will overtake TV this year if current growth rates are maintained.

The report states that advertisers spent an estimated $138bn to reach mobile users in 2018. Across 12 key markets, including the US, UK, China, Brazil and Russia, this number is set to swell to $153.2bn in 2019 overtaking TV.

With a programmatic ‘boom’ and the rollout of 5G networks raising the figures, higher connection speeds and data transfer are set to make mobile video ads more attractive buys for advertisers.

Of 800 senior marketing and advertising practitioners surveyed by Warc as part of its research, 71% said they expected a rise in mobile budgets over the next 12 months, with most money going to the Facebook-Google duopoly.

However, it was noted that viewability and measurement were still big concerns for brands with 47% of marketers agreeing these were the two biggest issues with mobile.

20% said they weren’t yet able to measure mobile ROI accurate and a further 59% were ‘uncertain’ how to do so.

Viacom to purchase video streaming service Pluto TV for $340m

Realising the advertising opportunities presented by supported digital media, American multinational mass media conglomerate Viacom has agreed to purchase video streaming service Pluto TV for $340m as part of efforts to expand its advertising offer.

Seeking to harness Pluto TV as an additional outlet to sell advertising Viacom will target specific people based on their viewing habits.

Pluto TV attracts 12 million monthly viewers drawn to content licensed from 130 film and TV partners, including archive Viacom material. It is unlikely that Viacom will allow valuable current shows to be screened for free.