So, marketing teams across the country…what did you learn from your 2018 campaigns?

In these fast-changing times where the importance of successfully utilising the latest analytics tools can take equal priority to a company’s rebranding, marketeers are having to pay close attention in class, to ensure they know what’s what when it comes to delivering results that are right for now.

January sees the implementation of marketing departments’ advertising, media and marketing campaign plans – crisp and fresh for the new year ahead.  However, when originally devising strategies intent on achieving results across the months, where should those making the plans decide to put the focus? With so many resources now available, it’s difficult to know what tactics are more likely to pay off.

As marketing departments countrywide assess the results of what worked in 2018, and furrow their brows at what proved less successful, the evidence is out that simply demonstrating creativity isn’t always enough to get you to the top of the class.

Expectations of knowing the precise ROI from campaigns are on the rise, which means marketing teams must clearly demonstrate the financial value their proposed strategies will bring to a company. If teams aren’t doing so already, then looking to implement the latest analytics tools presents a great way to start the process for 2019. Keeping with the classroom theme, analytics can provide account managers with actionable data they can learn from, and help them to make more relevant, tailored and appropriate future marketing decisions.

The art of ‘customising’ a campaign needn’t stop there. The direction in which advertising and marketing through social media and the internet is moving has served to place the individual customer as the focal point, which means marketing teams are increasingly exploring the option of segmentation.

In doing so, companies can find out exactly who their customers are and what, as individuals, they expect from specific products and services. The customers with the potential to deliver the best ROI can be singularly selected, and budgets appropriately allocated throughout the year.

Keeping it personal; bringing mobile marketing applications into play has never been so prevalent. With the majority of target audiences now accessible through individual screens, mobile search has understandably exploded in terms of popularity. Used appropriately the latest mobile solutions can help marketing teams locate suitable mobile users, build personalised customer relationships using relevant approaches, and importantly, help them to avoid getting left behind as competitors take on this increasingly used marketing technique.

Speaking of which, ensure that throughout the year ahead, your team keeps a manageable eye on the competitions’ actions and campaigns. There is much to value and learn from checking out how others in your field are approaching campaigns, not to mention the tech and social media strategies they will increasingly be bringing into the mix.

So, with the future year in mind and all the marketing potential it could bring…heads down and get planning.